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About Us

2015 User Group Structure

Following the example of buildingSMART's older  City-Level User Group structure, there are currently groups of volunteers helping organize events this year: 
Architectural / Design User Group
Martin Liu
Xavier Zhuang
Oscar Huifeng
Construction / Owner's Rep User Group
Deyuan Lim
Fei Chen
Branding & Web
Moses Scott
Gao Lu
Ryland Auburn

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shaBIM User Groups

Architecture/Design Usergroup
Xavier Zhuang - ACO Architecture 
Oscar Huifeng - Suyat Design
Construction / Owner's Rep Usergroup
Deyuan Lim  - Lend Lease
Fei Chen - Lend Lease
Xiaomeng Yu - Shanghai Construction Group
Website / buildingSMART Administration
Moses Scott  - Founder & Chair (2012 -2015) Member, buildingSMART Alliance
Ryland Auburn - Gensler