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shanghaiBIM talks Forge

The Web Has Revolutionized Human  Communications, can it do the same for the Built Environment?

If you are a BIM / VDC professional in Shanghai, don’t miss out on a discussion hosted by industry leaders -- with live demonstrations on how the AEC Industry can benefit from advancements in web-based technology!

New Styles of Communication

With social networks taking over our daily lives and information technology taking over business practices, the web has changed how humans communicate. News, movies, marketing, and music all now follow the cloud and web model. Manufacturing is quickly following suit. Can this web and mobile delivery model have a similar effect on design and construction?

On September 21st, shanghaiBIM talks with Autodesk on their proposed solution – Forge!

Autodesk’s Latest – Forge

Autodesk has successfully migrated many of its own flagship products to the cloud. Forge, enables consumers to build their own cloud apps on top of already existing project data. As models and drawings move from the studio desktop and into the cloud, can they be transformed into the next viral app?

On September 21st at 7:00 pm, Xiadong Liang will discuss the Forge Platform from his office in Beijing via telepresence.  In addition, Mr. Cao, director of the BIM Center in DADRI, will present a basic design delivery case implemented by Autodesk Forge.  The evening will start with Yao Ren of Autodesk giving an overview of how Autodesk Forge will be positioned in the China construction market.

Xiadong Liang is an evangelist in the worldwide team of API gurus providing technical services through the Autodesk Developer Network, now known as the Forge Partnership Team.  Yao Ren of Autodesk and Mr. Cao of DADRI, who has dedicated his career to BIM technology, will be present throughout the evening.

Join ShanghaiBIM members in the Shanghai offices of Arcplus for the meeting.

About shanghaiBIM

ShanghaiBIM was formed in 2012 as a buildingSMART Interest group. Frequented by a diverse group of Chinese, British, and American building professionals, it was the first American Institute of Architects TAP Group to form in mainland China. These professionals are interested in how BIM technology can meet the high-productivity demands of China’s fast-paced and diverse construction market; while improving the productivity inefficiencies experienced by countries in the West.  As reported by the August 2017 edition of the Economist, China has seen its labor productivity sector in construction grow by 7% a year, while falling levels of productivity in wealthy companies are harder to explain. shanghaiBIM believes interoperoblity, openBIM, and the cloud can relieve some of the world’s productivity problems; at least where information management is concerned.

Learn More with Industry Leaders and Live Demonstrations:

ShanghaiBIM talks Forge
Introduction & Live Presentations
Arcplus Offices
No. 329 Hengfeng Road
Shanghai, China 200070

Time: 7:00 pm China Standard Time


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